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”I have thoroughly enjoyed the L5 Reflexology course, the amount of knowledge and practical experience gained is to a high standard and has allowed me to feel very confident in setting up my own business and treating people. Carolyn is an excellent tutor and very supportive and I would highly recommend any course that she teaches. I will certainly be returning for many more course. “ Sharon Holmes, 2021 Level 5 graduate

”Signing up to this course is the best decision I have made. It is everything I thought it would be, and more. The level 5 course is a lot of work, but I am glad I chose this as I know it will be worth it when I am a practicing reflexologist.
Carolyn has been a wonderful teacher and mentor, and her knowledge and wisdom is astounding.
I am now looking forward to setting up my own business as a reflexologist, and I am excited to see what the future holds! “ Amiee Lee, 2021 Level 5 graduate

”This is an excellent course for future reflexologists. I feel confident in my abilities following the variety of treatments we have covered. The energy work that is covered takes this course to another level. “ Amanda Fearnett-Mitchell, 2021 Level 5 graduate

”I have loved my study time with the Gaia School, the support + teaching has been excellent throughout and the content has been engaging and interesting. I have particularly enjoyed the incorporation of energy work and introduction to crystals rather than focussing on purely the physical aspect of a treatment. “ Helen Wood, 2021 Level 5 graduate

”Carolyn is a first rate teacher who shares her wisdom and knowledge freely with her students. She is so approachable, thorough and professional. You're in safe hands if you entrust her for your learning journey.
The course is thorough covering all required areas to start work as a confident reflexologist. There is a lot of work to do - it's not an easy ride but definitely worthwhile if you want to do things properly. “ Caroline O'Brien, 2020 Level 5 graduate

”If you are thinking about learning Reflexology at level 5 or any other course that Carolyn offers at the 'Gaia School of Natural Health' you will learn amazing lifetime skills and invaluable knowledge around health and wellbeing both in theories and practicals.
It's been a very inspirational, powerful and wonderful journey. It has made me feel the confident and professional therapist/practitioner I wanted to be.
You truly won't regret any of it! Go for it!! (I'm already booked onto another...) “ Rhonda Robinson, 2020 Level 5 graduate

”This course was intense but very interesting in every aspect. Our tutor was very knowledgeable and excellent in her teaching role, she always explained things very thoroughly, was patient with us and very professional in her teaching. “ Paula Boyle, 2020 Level 5 graduate

”I just want to say thankyou as this course has give me the confidence to pursue my dreams.“ Sarah Cliffe, 2020 Level 5 graduate

”I cant believe its over! It has been a fantastic year. I am not going to lie it was very hard work at times and I wouldn't recommend anyone go into Level 5 Reflexology unless fully committed and have the time to dedicate to it. However the plus side is you will have an excellent tutor in Carolyn, she has so much experience, makes it fun and will fully support you along the way and you will learn so much and be rewarded when you see your case studies benefiting from your treatments. I have no regrets and look forward to learning more. “ Becky Scollins, 2020 Level 5 graduate

”I found the Gaia school method of training very thorough and enjoyable.
I feel I was trained to a very high standard .I can take pride in saying I have trained at Gaia and proud to have gained this high qualification with their help. THANK YOU SO MUCH xx “ Michelle Sillence, 2020 Level 5 graduate

”Carolyn has been an amazing tutor, very friendly, approachable and very professional at all times. She is an incredibly special lady and has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in her field. It has been thoroughly enjoyable to be taught by her, She has really supported me through this course, phone calls, emails all help us to keep in touch and has been good to know that she is always a phone call away should I need any support. I am so glad I chose Gaia School for my learning. Would highly recommend Gaia School and Carolyn. “ Nicola Lee, 2020 Level 5 graduate

”If you're thinking of applying to do a course at Gaia School then I would highly recommend it. Carolyn and Debbie are experts in their field, you'll learn so much and make friends for life. DO IT! “ Amanda Colwell, 2020 Level 5 graduate

”I feel very lucky to have been taught by Carolyn at the Gaia School. The course content is covered really well and in depth. Carolyn's knowledge and experience is invaluable and I feel confident now in using the techniques taught on my clients. “ Sarah Davies, 2020 Level 5 graduate

”Inspirational and informative. I found the level of theory combined with practice has armed me with the skill and knowledge I need to become the reflexologist I long to be.“ Zoe Bevan, 2019 Level 5 graduate

”This is an amazing course, not only is it very rewarding to be able to deliver treatments but it has taken me on a journey making me more aware of the importance of self care. Once you have completed this course you will view how you look after your health and wellbeing in a whole new way.“ Claire Bozkurt, 2019 Level 5 graduate

”This course was fantastic. Small classes mean its easy to ask questions & discuss topics.
The content is very detailed but presented in a manageable fashion.
Also the breadth of the course is mindblowing.
I can't quite believe I've finished.“ Sarah Moss, 2019 Level 5 graduate

”A fantastic course with a good balance of theory and practical. An amazing learning journey as well as a personal one!“ Vicki Mullin, 2019 Level 5 graduate

”Reflexology Level 5 at Gaia is an amazing hands on course. Taught by a passionate teacher that delivers information in a concise and inspiring manner. Enroll if you want a exciting new pathway in life.“ Anwen Thomas, 2019 Level 5 graduate

”Studying Level 5 at the Gaia School has been a wonderful, powerful experience. It has changed my life allowing me to grow into a confident & professional therapist“ Joanne Salomon, 2019 Level 5 graduate

”If you want to learn reflexology to the best of your ability then Level 5 with Carolyn Roberts, Gaia School is excellent.“ Caroline Marsh, 2019 Level 5 graduate

”I attended the Crystal Intro and Crystal Reflex CPD courses. Carolyn is extremely knowledgable in this field and together with her warm teaching skills puts you at ease to enjoy the day. I will definitely be putting the new techniques learned into good use. “ Rachel Cox, 2019 GAIA Crystal Intro and Crystal Reflex CPD courses

”I have attended two courses at Gaia, Aroma Reflex and Crystal Reflex. Both were fully enjoyable and worthwhile and have certainly added a new element to my treatments. Carolyn is an excellent teacher and her knowledge and experience invaluable. I would certainly recommend training with her.“ Allison Roberts, 2019 GAIA AromaReflex and GAIA Crystal Reflex CPD courses

”I attended the "supporting the maternity journey” CPD course with Carolyn. The course surpassed my expectations for being practical, thorough and extremely interesting. We learnt some really powerful techniques, which mean I not only feel well equipped to support my clients on the maternity journey, but the techniques are also useful for my other clients as well, such as an amazing endocrine balance technique. Thank you so much Carolyn, I’m looking forward to the fertility journey course in January and I’m sure that I’ll be booking other courses too! X“ Hayley Merrick, 2018 GAIA Maternity Reflexology

“Excellent course delivered by Carolyn. Content prepares practitioners to develop and set up their own business.” Diane Whatmough, 2018 Level 5 graduate.

“A thoroughly enjoyable course. A lot of work but well worth it. The support offered is second to none and the skills & knowledge of tutors is out of this world. I've left feeling Confident, competent and ready to face the future. ” Beth Paynter, 2018 Level 5 graduate.

“If you want to train to be a Reflexologist this is the place to be! I have had the most wonderful year and have gained so much more than a qualification.” Helen Morrison, 2018 Level 5 graduate.

“A very indepth and thorough course taught to a high standard and equipping me with all the tools to become a successful reflexologist.” Shona Harvey, 2018 Level 5 graduate.

”This is the second CPD course I have undertaken with Gaia School.
What I particularly like is the way Carolyn puts you at your ease straight away with her relaxed but professional approach to the work.
Carolyn’s courses are well structured. She manages the timing efficiently, balancing time for queries against reigning in any inclination to irrelevant discussion, in order to make the most productive use of the time.
Materials on both courses have been generous and of good quality.
After both CPD courses, I have returned home feeling confident that I have acquired new, valuable skills, that I can incorporate into my Reflexology treatments.“
Debbie Salzman, 2017 GAIA Meridian Foot Reflexology

”I enjoyed the reflexology meridian day and feel that it gave me a good overview of a very large subject.
The day was focused on those meridians which start or end on the feet so I am better able to determine whether a reflexology client would benefit from work on particular meridians, using the techniques explained.
This workshop is both a very good way of picking up extra skills and knowledge and also is a good starting point to develop deeper knowledge of meridians.“
Heather Haydock, 2017 GAIA Meridian Foot Reflexology

”I was made to feel very welcome. Beautiful location and easy to access and park. Carolyne (sic) has a gentle way about her, engaging and knowledgeable. I look forward to doing more classes in the future. “ Feria Carter Stevenson, 2017 GAIA Meridian Foot Reflexology

“I have recently completed the Level 5 Diploma in Reflexology and would wholeheartedly recommend the Gaia school to anybody thinking of enrolling in the future. Carolyn is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about reflexology and she delivers the course in a very informal manner which I particularly liked. We were also fortunate enough to have Debbie Hurst assisting in delivering the course.

There is a lot to take in and a considerable amount of work to do at home, but Carolyn was always available via phone or email in-between sessions if anybody needed advice and was always quick to respond. It was hard going at times, especially whilst working full time, but I was very lucky to be part of a great group of fellow students who all supported each other and brought a lot of laughter to our sessions! ”
Maureen Connolly, 2017 Level 5 graduate.

“This has been a life changing experience in a truly positive way. I feel I have become a more confident and relaxed person able to deal with things in a much calmer manner. It has been an amazing journey with amazing people ” Sharon Hodgkins, 2017 Level 5 graduate.

“This course is in-depth and very comprehensive. By the end of it you really feel you have a qualification of the highest value and the confidence to go out and practice. The tutors are extremely supportive and guide you every step of the way.” Joanna Lee, 2017 Level 5 graduate.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed completely my Level 5 diploma. It has opened up a whole new world for me in so many ways. I can't wait to continue my journey and practise reflexology. I hope I can help many people in the future and introduce them to this amazing therapy.” Jackie Sexton, 2017 Level 5 graduate.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I found it informative, educational, thought provoking and fun. The tutors are extremely knowledgeable and supportive. I feel confident now in my abilities as a reflexologist. I have learned a variety of skills and techniques to bring to my practice. I would describe it more as a journey rather than a course.” Nicole Dennehy, 2017 Level 5 graduate.

“I have had a wonderful experience whilst training to be a reflexologist at Gaia School. Fabulous course content with lots of different opportunities to learn. Knowledgeable and professional tutors who really know their stuff. I have felt inspired to start a new chapter in my life.” Sarah Garvey, 2017 Level 5 graduate.

“A centre of excellence on all levels, from the foundation of day one on starting my mastership to Graduation day. I have felt guided, supported and cared for, not just as a student of the Gaia School but as a Human Being. It has been such a life changing experience for me and the Gaia School has been at the centre of a new world for me and future. ” Suzy Gornall, 2017 Level 5 graduate.

“I have learned so much & absolutely loved every session. Very rewarding.” Vicki Jones, 2017 Level 5 graduate.

“If you want to be taught how to become a fully qualified Reflexologist (to the highest level in the UK) with supportive tutors and co-students – look no further. Life changing decision made easy.” Nia Haf Jones, 2017 Level 5 graduate.

“This course has been life changing! Opening so many other doors and I feel that I have been given skills that will excel me into a great career and will help so many people in my community too.

It has been a fantastic course and I am quite sad it's now over.”
Lisa Smith, 2017 Level 5 graduate.

“I thought this course was amazing and feel it’s changed my life for the better. I feel so positive after this course and how I’m going to continue with a positive mindset. I feel I have learnt so much on this course and the treatments have been amazing.” Nikki Quayle, 2017 Level 5 graduate.

“This was a very fulfilling, comprehensive course & I’m glad that I completed it.” Adam Fields, 2017 Level 5 graduate.

“The course felt comprehensive compared to others I have done. I feel I have had a lot of knowledge made available to me.

If you feel drawn to the course commit & give it a go, It’s not just learning reflexology, although there is a lot of that, it’s a journey of personal growth that is well worth taking. It really is an investment in yourself.”
Jenny Dennett, 2017 Level 5 graduate.

“Fantastic course, very well set out. Informative and fun at the same time. Feel I have a thorough knowledge not only of reflexology but how the body works. I've also loved the treatments, the time out and meeting new friends.” Suzy Harmer, 2016 Level 5 graduate.

“The Gaia School is a great school for gaining your level 5! Carolyn is a super tutor, she supports you all the way through your reflexology and personal learning journey. She brings all her expertise to the table in a gentle, reassuing manner. I'm really glad I chose to study with the Gaia School and feel the small and personal class size was of great benefit.” Emily Doherty, 2016 Level 5 graduate.

“Very professional Reflexology course delivered in a beautiful environment. Enjoyable to the core! I'm glad I chose this course as it offers so much holistically to the student as well as your client.” Lyndsey Jones, 2016 Level 5 graduate.

“This course provided me with the perfect balance of A + P theory + case study practise, + taught me to balance my treatments with essential structured reflex/system work + the more intuitive energy work which supports it beautifully.” Charlotte Rodrigo, 2016 Level 5 graduate.

“I found the Level 5 Practitioner Training in Reflexology the most uplifting experience. Together with my wonderful classmates I went on an amazing journey both personally and professionally.

It is a lot of hard work and the case studies did seem never ending! Self-discipline is an absolute must if you want to complete the course, however with the support of my classmates and tutors I never felt alone; it was absolutely worth it in the end. Carolyn Roberts the main course tutor is a very special lady and supported us all throughout the year.

I am now a practising Reflexologist (I still have to pinch myself) and with every new client I treat I realise just how much I learned throughout the course which also instilled in me the discipline to continue learning, reading and studying regularly. I had a passion for Reflexology before the course began having had regular treatments for over 15 years and I am very happy to say that my passion grows deeper all the time. Wonderful reflexology.”
Sally Mills, 2015 Level 5 graduate.

“The course delivers so much more than just the techniques of reflexology, it gives a different outlook on other areas of your life. It is very hard work and there is a lot of commitment, but it is ultimately worth it.” Lyn Ebbrell, 2015 Level 5 graduate.

“Fantastic course. It has changed me and my life! Course content is in depth, and you learn so much. Would thoroughly recommend this course!” Helen, 2014 Level 5 graduate.

“It is rare to find a teacher who can support you in your learning journey and, at the same time, challenge your opinions and ways of thinking and working so that you frequently achieve things you didn't know you could. Carolyn does all this, while guiding you through a course that can be demanding in both the range and amount of work that needs to be completed. I found the balance between theory and practical work was perfect, starting with the first day when we got "hands on" right at the beginning. This pushed me out of my comfort zone at first, but the weekly practice sessions became hugely rewarding and enjoyable.”

“In all aspects of reflexology, it is clear that Carolyn's knowledge and experience is second to none, and I feel very privileged to have been her student. The year has flown by and, from a complete novice, I am now a qualified practising reflexologist. I am continuing with Reiki and CPD courses at the Gaia School because there is no better place, in my opinion, to go for first class teaching.” Lisa Hardi, 2013 graduate.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Level 3 Reflexology Diploma provided by Gaia School of Natural Health (GSNH) (2011/12). I found the standard of training provided by Carolyn Roberts, was excellent. Carolyn has many years of experience in the field of Reflexology and Aromatherapy and it was very interesting to hear about her experiences. Carolyn's obvious passion and enthusiasm for Reflexology and it's benefits was infectious and I looked forward to every session.

I liked the informal atmosphere and everyone was so friendly. I find I learn much better after trying something myself and there was plenty of opportunity to do practical sessions which were fully supervised by Carolyn to ensure you were correctly executing the relevant sequences. Carolyn is very approachable and will always go out of her way to help you or answer any queries you have, before, during and after the course was concluded. I am so glad I picked Gaia School of Natural Health, as I think it stands out from the crowd and provides a very high standard of training and expertise. I have since studied and gained a qualification in Aromatherapy, and am pursuing a qualification in Reiki, all with the GSNH.” Debbie (Reflexology student 2011/12, Aromatherapy student 2012/13, Reiki I student 2013).

“What a gem! I found the Gaia School of Natural Health whilst searching the internet for a course on either Reflexology or Aromatherapy. I wanted to do a course involving just one discipline rather than a mixture under the title of Complementary Therapy. The Gaia School was the place that leapt out at me as it was in my area. The training is superb and although a lot of hard work, once completed, you reap the rewards of attaining a high level qualification. The tutor, Carolyn Roberts is a role model to die for! She is exceptional in her enthusiasm to impart knowledge to every student whilst encouraging them to reach their full potential. She motivates and supports every one. The lessons were relaxed and informal but that did not detract from Carolyn's ability to get the best out of her all students. I have to say I enjoyed turning up for each lesson even when I was tired after a day's work. I would highly recommend this school, so much so, that I hope to continue studying there. Thank you Carolyn and Gaia School.” Kandy James, 2012 graduate.

“This has been a truly great course! I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it! Carolyn is an excellent teacher and provides very informative sessions with lots of lovely practicals mixed in. I was surprised at how quickly we developed our reflexology skills. I would definitely recommend this course to people.” Nicola Bayne, 2012 graduate.

“From start to finish I found the Gaia Reflexology course leading to the Level 3 diploma interesting, incredibly well-organised and really enjoyable. The sessions were always relaxed and friendly with a good balance of theory and practical work. We never seemed rushed or pressed for time, yet managed to get through so much. Initially, the thought of carrying out 90 treatments as part of the course was rather daunting yet, now it's complete, I fully understand the importance of having all the practical experience and I feel confident to call myself a reflexologist.” Karen Hamilton Williams, 2012 graduate.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the reflexology training provided by the Gaia School of Natural Health. I had been interested in reflexology for some time but by doing the course I have learned so much more than I could have done by myself and feel confident to treat any person using the skills and knowledge taught on the course. I feel that the course contained a good balance of practical and theoretical work, both on the anatomy and physiology and reflexology aspects and I was glad to have found a course accredited by the Association of Reflexologists. I liked the informal and friendly nature of the course and the support given by the tutor was excellent - she really wants you to become a good reflexologist, not just to pass the course! I would recommend the course to anyone, whether you want to develop your interest or persue a career in reflexology as I am about to do.” Heather, who passed her exam in February 2010

“I enjoyed the course very much; it was stimulating and well organised. The syllabus was covered thoroughly within the time frame provided, allowing for enough time for exam / case study preparation. Most importantly the people on the course were great and we all got on really well.” Ela Yearsley, 2010 graduate.

“Carolyn is passionate about Reflexology, she is also very interested in allowing her students to learn at their own pace, encouraging them to use individual learning styles to make learning more relaxed and enjoyable. I have found this Reflexology course to be very in depth and informative, incorporating additional understandings about other complementary therapies. It will suit everyone who is interested in Reflexology. It has been a very enjoyable experience for me and Carolyn's support carries beyond qualification.” Sara, 2010 graduate.

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