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GAIA AromaReflex Online Live and In-Class courses

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GAIA AromaReflex Online Live

GAIA AromaReflex Online Live
(Aromatherapy for Reflexologists)

led by Carolyn Roberts, Principal of the Gaia School of Natural Health.

This is an AoR approved CPD course.

Suitable for reflexologists with a qualification in reflexology as recognised by the Association of Reflexologists (or equivalent in other countries) with little or no previous knowledge/experience of aromatherapy. Student reflexologists nearing the end of their recognised qualification are also welcome to attend.

The Gaia AromaReflex treatment that you will be able to offer following completion of this course involves the creation of an individualised blend of essential oils tailored to the holistic treatment plan for your client. You will then use this unique blend in a wax or cream during an aroma reflex treatment, and the client will take the rest of the blend home with them and use it on a daily basis for the following few weeks in order to carry on receiving the therapeutic benefits of their tailored blend.

Course content:

  • comprehensive introduction to working with essential oils, where they come from, how they work, detailed safety issues,
  • detailed experiential study of 12 specific essential oils and their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual effects, as well as specific safety considerations,
  • introduction to synergistic blending of essential oils, including correct dosages and how to select oils and create a unique blend tailored to your client's treatment plan (live online practical)
  • how to make up a foot (or hand) cream or wax blend for use in your reflexology treatments and for your clients to use at home (live online practical),
  • other ways that aromatherapy may be incorporated into your reflexology practice,
  • how to market your Gaia AromaReflex treatment to clients.

Balens and Boswell insurance have confirmed that they will accept this certificate in order to insure reflexologists to use these named oils in their treatments. In order to satisfy CPD training requirements you will be required to submit 5 follow up treatments in order to obtain your certificate.

There are 20 Guided Learning Hours for this CPD course, which includes some home study, the day in class, and your 5 case studies. Therefore, this course attracts 14 CPD points from FHT (6 for attending the course, 5 for completing case studies, and 3 for the research into the essential oils), 15 CPD points from PR, and 40 CPD points from the AOR due to it being an AOR approved course.

On successful completion of the course you will become eligible to use the "Trained by" Gaia logo. Learners can progress onto the Advanced AromaReflex course.

The cost of this course is £125 which includes a live Zoom session between 9.30am - 3.30pm, handouts, and marking and feedback on your follow up treatments.

Prior to the live course, you will need to purchase:

  • your Gaia AromaReflex kit of 12 oils (discounted kit available from £86.50),
  • recommended textbook (c.£10),
  • aroma smelling strips (c.£5) and
  • a suitable wax or cream to use (£5-£20).
Gaia AromaReflex 12 oils kit

You will also need some jars for your finished aroma-reflex product. It may be that you already have some of this equipment at home - please check with the tutor. Full details of what is required, and suggested retailers, is supplied upon booking.

Course dates


Tuesday 12th
November 2024.

Places remaining:


Tuesday 15th October 2019
Friday 1st May 2020
Friday 22nd May 2020
Friday 5th June 2020
Thursday 18th June 2020
Tuesday 14th July 2020
Tuesday 21st July 2020
Thursday 27th August 2020
Tuesday 20th October 2020
Tuesday 24th November 2020
Tuesday 15th December 2020
Tuesday 9th February 2021
Tuesday 23rd February 2021
Tuesday 13th April 2021
Tuesday 15th June 2021
Friday 6th August 2021
Tuesday 26th October 2021
Tuesday 7th December 2021
Tuesday 15th February 2022
Wednesday 16th March 2022
Tuesday 12th May 2022
Tuesday 11th October 2022
Tuesday 28th March 2023
Tuesday 23rd May 2023
Tuesday 20th June 2023
Tuesday 28th November 2023
Monday 25th March 2024


Start time: 9.30am – End time: 3.30pm


Online course


The cost of this one-day course is £125 (deposit £40), includes a live Zoom sessions between 9.30am - 3.30pm, handouts, and marking and feedback on your follow up treatments.

AOR CPD Approved trainer badge
Gaia AromaReflex badge

”Attending Carolyn’s recent course was an absolute joy. It was held on Zoom which meant no travel costs for me. The course material, sent via email beforehand, was very thorough. The course was cleverly interactive, and allowed for discussion and reflection between the delegates. I loved learning about the oils, and finished the course with one blend made and a head full of ideas for the future. I can’t wait to share the wonderful world of aromatherapy with my clients, and look forwards to bringing a new dimension to my treatments. Many thanks Carolyn for a fantastic course – I really can’t recommend it highly enough. “
Andrea Cooper (Orchard Reflexology) 22-May-20

see more testimonials below

Please note: This course is currently being offered as a live online class via Zoom. It is a live interactive course with your tutor, with places limited to 6 per session to ensure individual attention, and live feedback. It is not a distance learning course of reading materials, but a fully hands on interactive class where you will be smelling and discussing oils, and making up the blends under the live guidance of your tutor.

I.T. considerations

To attend the online course you will need a phone, laptop or PC with a camera and microphone and an internet connection (broadband wired, or wireless 3G/4G). You will have to download the FREE version of Zoom onto your device. More information on suitable system requirements can be found here:-
CPD 2020 Aromareflex class 1st May 2020 CPD 2020 Aromareflex class 1st May 2020

AromaReflex Testimonials

”I recently completed the AromaReflex CPD course with Carolyn at the Gaia School of Natural Health, and it was fantastic! Carolyn's expertise in essential oils made the sessions engaging and easy to follow. The interactive format was a great feature, offering hands-on learning and practical guidance. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in deepening their knowledge of aromatherapy.“
Claire Griffiths (Claire Griffiths Reflexology) 25-Mar-24

”A great introduction to the art of Aromatherepy“
Bernadette McGourty (Energy flow reflexology) 25-Mar-24

”I gained so much more knowledge and understanding than expected. A completely new skill which I have applied to my case study treatments the day after training as I was so excited and motivated to get started. A well structured, fun and extremely enjoyable course. I will be recommending to all my fellow Reflexologists.“
Angharad Davies 13-Oct-22

”I really enjoyed the course. It was a fantastic introduction to incorporating Aromatherapy into Reflexology. The amount of information provided was perfect.“
Laura Ritchie 16-Mar-22

”Excellent course, plenty of information and explanations. Felt comfortable to speak up and ask questions. Very excited to start using the oils and learning more.“
Heidi Caldicott (Heidi Caldicott Therapies) 15-Feb-22

”I thoroughly enjoyed learning about the different oils and I feel 12 oils is just the right amount to get started with as I have no prior experience. It was a very enjoyable day. I'm looking forward to getting started and It really has inspired me to learn more about aromatherapy. I highly recommend. “
Dawn Forsyth (Heart and Sole Reflexology) 7-Dec-21

”The Gaia AromaReflex course is really well organised and delivered, with good instructions beforehand on what to expect from the day, guidance on suitable products to purchase and reading prior to the course. The course itself is very well structured and includes a clear guided presentation, Q&A sessions and a practical exercise. I came away feeling more knowledgeable on the subject. I also have course notes and a recommended book to refer to for additional information. I am looking forward to undertaking my case studies now and seeing the positive impact the aromatherapy blends combined with Reflexology will have. Thanks Carolyn! “
Jane Colligan 26-Oct-21

”I thoroughly recommend this course. Great teaching, great materials, great group to work with - a really positive experience, thankyou!“
Karin Douglas (Energise Therapies and Training) 26-Oct-21

”Can't recommend the course enough. Really interactive with lots to learn.“
Peter O'Connor (Bodyworks Reflexology) 26-Oct-21

”The Aromareflex course was very informative and enjoyable I loved discussing the essential oils and understanding more about their uses. For those of you who have an interest in essential oils and want to use them safely in your treatments this was an excellent introduction “
Michelle Denise Wood (Armed with Calm) 6-Aug-21

”As a Therapist who requires yearly CPD, I always try and pick courses that will enhance treatments I already offer and add to my toolkit to help clients. This course will do exactly that. Extremely interesting and I have a new respect for Essential Oils. I would definitely recommend this course. Very well put together, clear instructions, good format and works very well on zoom. Am really excited to start the mandatory case studies and, when able, introduce creating bespoke creams for my clients. “
Emma-Jayne Beattie (Tranquility Therapies) 6-Aug-21

”I really enjoyed the course and found Carolyn explained things very clearly with patience and good humour. The pre-course reading was useful and a great idea. I also enjoyed working in pairs in the afternoon to use the information we had been learning. It was great to have this opportunity to enhance my knowledge and reflexology skills. My case studies have all been hugely complementary about their AromaReflex treatments and have experienced some very positive outcomes. It was an interesting course and a lovely day. I can't wait to offer it to more lucky people! Thank you!“
Sue Gray (Sue Gray Reflexology) 13-Apr-21

”I thoroughly enjoyed the GAIA Aromareflex online course which was very informative, fun and interactive. I now feel more confident about using the oils and creating blends for my case studies. Thank you Carolyn for a wonderful day!“
Nicola Housego-Woolgar (Harmonyreflex) 13-Apr-21

”I would thoroughly recommend this course. Caroline (sic) is very professional and friendly putting everyone at ease. The small group ensures great attention from Caroline (sic).“
Jackie Siddon (Jackie Siddon Reflexologist) 13-Apr-21

”This online aromareflex course was well thought out and really enjoyable. There was good pre-course info and I felt prepared with background knowledge and also with the materials necessary for the course. The day was well organised and the zoom meetings worked well. There was a lot of useful info about the essential oils and it was delivered in an easy to understand way. There was a good interaction between Carolyn and the students. I particularly liked the opportunity to work with a partner to practise making a selected blend. I thoroughly enjoyed this course and feel totally prepared to carry out the 5 case studies and then offer this amazing treatment to my clients.“
June Carnell (Reflexology/ Thrive Health Therapies) 23-Feb-21

”An excellent course! A wonderful compliment to reflexology treatments. Highly recommended!“
Irene Sugden 23-Feb-21

”I can highly recommend AromaReflex with GAIA. The course was so well organised from start to finish and the knowledge provided on the course was abundant, clear and well communicated. It was such a good course that I would like to return to do a full aromatherapy course in the future. The tutor was very welcoming and the other students were very friendly too. Certainly one of the best complementary therapy courses I have attended.“
Clare Lees (Complementary therapies with Clare Lees) 09-Feb-21

”I really enjoyed the Aromaflex course with Carolyn. It took place online, which to me is a huge personal bonus, as I did not have to travel away from home. The course content is fabulous; learnt a lot and excited to be able to offer this as an add-on service to my clients. Highly recommend this course! Thank you so much Carolyn“
Maria Stubbs (Maria Stubbs Reflexology) 09-Feb-21

”Really enjoyed the day. Recommend everyone to take this course. Learnt so much and am looking forward to trying the aromatherapy on the case studies.“
Becky Scollins 15-Dec-20

”Really enjoyed this course. Felt it worked extremely well online and using breakout rooms. The day seemed to go very quickly.“
Eve Thompson (Reflexology by Eve) 15-Dec-20

”I really enjoyed this course run by Carolyn. The course was a mixture of visual, listening and practical work which flowed well. I felt that my knowledge and confidence grew thoughout the course. I would definitely recommend this course and feel that it will enhance my practise. Eve“
Eve Daly (Roots of Nature Reflexology) 15-Dec-20

”Just wanted to say thank you for your lovely training session, I think it was one of the most calming training sessions i've done! Really enjoyed it. Plenty of information to take in and continue studying and the cream is lovely. The oils are wonderful too, so much to it. Looking forward to completing my case studies and will be in touch when I have all completed.“
Nikki Curristan (Slainte Natural Health Centre) 24-Nov-20

”I absolutely loved this course I've learnt so much about the 12 oils and I'm so excited to be able to offer this to my clients. Would highly recommend this course“
Clare Hodkinson (Clare Marie Holistic Therapist) 20-Oct-20

”Great introduction to aromatherapy with reflexology, I feel much more confident and safe about exploring this possibility now.
Very well organised course, great introduction to aromatherapy in reflexology, would definitely recommend.“
Kim Payne 20-Oct-20

”I really recommend this course, I learnt so much can't wait to try out all the new techniques. The course being online was great and Carolyn is so knowledgeable and the day was a great mix of information and practical“
Victoria Homan-Smith 20-Oct-20

”Brilliant course. I am passionate about reflexology and this has given me even more enthusiasm. I love my new skill and wish I could do more online learning with Gaia. I loved it. Thank you Carolyn......Carolyn is a great tutor. Calm, interesting and knowledgeable. “
Ally Brown 27-Aug-20

”I thoroughly enjoyed the Aromareflex course I did via Zoom this Summer. The course material and the teaching were motivational and inspiring. I recently graduated in Reflexology and have always been inclined to Essential Oils but did not want to do the full Aromatherapy course. I wanted to learn about some oils and make blends for use with my Reflexology clients, so this add-on course has been ideal for me. During my first case study I almost felt like I was having a treatment myself - the smells coming from the blend I had created were divine! I am looking forward to completing my case studies and being able to include this wonderful treatment in my Reflexology offerings. Thank you Carolyn and the Gaia School.“
Catherine Forbes 27-Aug-20

”This was a fabulous course. Well structured, informative and no travelling. Carolyn made us feel supported and I can honestly say I enjoyed it more than any ’in person‘ class.“ as well as being ”the most productive CPD course I've done. “
Amy Vere (Sole to Soul) 21-Jul-20

”Really informative, brilliant course material and great teaching online. An innovative way of teaching going forward“
Donna Dodson 14-Jul-20

”As a therapist, I absolutely love the boost of the scents in the air, I think it raises my own energy and allows me to deliver a more in tune treatment. I also feel that when I use preblended waxes they are only faint, less vibrant than the blends we make.“
Cristina Gomez Martinez 18-Jun-20

”This was a lovely course and would be great for beginners who don't already use essential oils.“
Scarlet Skye Moonchild (The Wellbeing Studio) 18-Jun-20

”Attending Carolyn’s recent course was an absolute joy. It was held on Zoom which meant no travel costs for me. The course material, sent via email beforehand, was very thorough. The course was cleverly interactive, and allowed for discussion and reflection between the delegates. I loved learning about the oils, and finished the course with one blend made and a head full of ideas for the future. I can’t wait to share the wonderful world of aromatherapy with my clients, and look forwards to bringing a new dimension to my treatments. Many thanks Carolyn for a fantastic course – I really can’t recommend it highly enough. “
Andrea Cooper (Orchard Reflexology) 22-May-20

”I took part in the online aroma reflexology training, and I found the whole day to be really informative and interactive. It’s been great to be able to access this training from home, as I live a long way from the Gaia School of Natural Health, and so I would not usually be able to access the courses in person.
I feel that I gained the confidence, from the initial input, to carry out my case studies and I am inspired to learn more about the 12 essential oils and all of their properties.
I would definitely take part in more online training with Carolyn in the future. “
Sarah Vaughan (Natural Reflexions) 22-May-20

”Carolyn’s AromaReflex course provides an excellent and well informed introduction to aroma therapy and how it can be incorporated into your reflexology treatment. The course is delivered online and Carolyn makes it very interactive and easy to follow. She has a wealth of knowledge that she is eager to share. She enables to you to learn and put into practice throughout the day as you are being taught. A thoroughly enjoyable day that provides the tools and inspiration you need to get started. Carolyn follows this up with excellent online support. Fantastic and highly recommended! “
Gillaine Casciaro 22-May-20

”Really enjoyed Carolyn’s AromaReflex Online Zoom Training Course, it worked really well online, as I'm not great with technology, but found it very easy to access. Content and teaching was great as always and Carolyn is always there to answer any queries. A very enjoyable, informative course and look forward to using it in the future. “
Sarah Cliffe (Holistic Therapist) 01-May-20

”I thoroughly enjoyed the Zoom AromaReflex workshop with Carolyn. The pre workshop instructions and equipment list ensured we had the correct material for the course, giving us a choice of good quality oils and retailers with recommendations that we could tailor to suit our own budgets.
The day itself was broken down into segments with well planned breaks to digest what we had learnt. The course content was really informative, with a varied and useful mixture of textbook reading, Carolyn's knowledge and experience alongside group discussion. The small group size meant that everyone had their opportunity to speak and ask questions without too much overlap (as can happen in Zoom meetings!) and the breakout rooms where we partnered up and completed virtual consultations before mixing blends was a perfect opportunity to demonstrate what we had learnt. I would highly recommend Carolyn's AromaReflex workshop! “
Erica Davies 01-May-20

”Having trained at Gaia school for my level 5 reflexology qualification, I had no hesitation in booking on the AromaReflex training despite being unfamiliar with online training - I felt I would be in safe hands with Carolyn. It was a comprehensive and enjoyable day with a good balance of theory and practical. We still had the opportunity to work as a group and in pairs, with Carolyn at hand to guide and advise. I now feel confident in working with the 12 essential oils and I’m really looking forward to incorporating bespoke blends into my reflexology treatments. “
Vicki Mullin (Vicki Mullin Reflexology) 22-May-20

”I just wanted to send you a quick email to say that I am finding this course absolutely fascinating!!
Learning about the oils in itself is great but the results so far are incredible. I have completed the first two treatments - 1 being a client who was suffering from bladder stones and constant pain. The pain stopped after the 2nd application of the cream having had a full reflexology treatment, and it has not reoccurred. “
Ali Skanderowicz (RebalanceYou) 07-Sep-18 In-class course

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